Hybrid Society

Delivering next-generation citzen services

The key technologies that will shape the future of public services

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The Hybrid Society

Delivering next-generation citizen services

kay-hoogdhoutNow more than ever, governments need to embrace the challenges of the new normal of the hybrid society.  Three core actions will be essential: adopting an eco-system of digital platforms, delivering next-generation citizen-services and shaping the hybrid society of tomorrow.

The requirements of social distancing have resulted in a dramatic rise in the use of digital services and demand for data. And there’s no turning back: the ease of digital ways of working, the increased accessibility of digital services, and new phenomena such as ‘Zoomweddings/-birthdays/-drinks’ are here to stay. The seamless blending of your physical world and your digital world – your digital twin, you may say – is the new hybrid society of tomorrow.

The challenge for governments and citizens will be to find the right balance between the physical and the digital. And for that to happen, public services will need to be better, faster, cheaper…and different.  Imagine that accessing public services could be as easy as online shopping.

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Embracing the challenge of the hybrid society

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Adopting an eco-system of digital platforms

Shaping  the hybrid society of tomorrow

Adoption of Digital Sovereign Government Technology Platforms (DGTP’s)

Governments need to address the need for massive digitization by adopting an eco-system of platforms.  This will reduce costs, increase security but more importantly, take back control of their citizen’s National  Sovereign data.

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Becoming a modern e-state

Nations are increasingly confronted with a demand to become a sustainable, smart, cost-effective and secure State. Based on individual citizenship and digital identity (digital twin), Governments need to re-invent their way of working and take the lead in shaping the (Hybrid) Society of tomorrow.

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Does my government really know me?

Do you sometimes get the impression that your government has no idea who you are unless you’re voting or sending in your tax return?  So, why can’t my government recall my history and my circumstances and, based on that profile, pre-fill my data online and suggest some options for a better, more proactive service?

 Does my government really know me?


The pregnant dog owner

Citizens of all ages now want their governments to catch up with other sectors and offer better, faster, easier online services. Imagine all the services your government could offer you, joined-up and tailored exactly for you. What would that look like?

The pregnant dog owner

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