MAN-RPA 2020

See how RPA improves core manufacturing processes

In the current unpredictable market, only the smartest and fastest manufacturers will be able to achieve smooth operations through streamlined production and service delivery.

To help ambitious manufacturers master and capitalize on this uncertainty, Atos will implement scalable RPA solutions delivering advanced insight, adaptability and speed.

Master Uncertainty with RPA

40% Reduction in TCO

Automate your back-office and operational processes with complete precision using a next-generation RPA platform that streamlines infrastructure, applications and drives down costs across the entire manufacturing landscape.

30% Reduction in Quality Issues

Improve quality control with innovative and repeatable testing for lower production downtime and fewer production issues.

30% Reduction in Quality Issues

Improve quality control with innovative and repeatable testing for lower production downtime and fewer production issues.

40-60% Reduction in Manual Processes

Automating manual processes can increase accuracy by 100%. This translates into more efficiency within your production environments.

Download your RPA fact sheet for Manufacturing

Formulate the best approach to your RPA plans and the quickest path to ROI. Discover:

  • The key capabilities of RPA
  • How RPA can help realize your business value
  • The measured ROI an advanced digital partner should deliver to Manufacturers



Learn how manufacturing can achieve RPA success at scale, reduce costs, and maximize productivity.


Manufacturing better work routines

Download the white paper “Manufacturing Better Work Routines” to learn how RPA can help manufacturers perform routine office functions as bills of materials generation, invoice processing, and general ledger operations.


Benefits of RPA Podcast Series (2 Parts)

Discover RPA and its benefits throughout an organization. Learn more about the most common mistakes organizations make during their RPA implementation journeys.


On Demand Webinar: Atos partners with Global RPA, UiPath

Production and service delivery are critical for smooth manufacturing operations. Discover how RPA can quickly help scale opportunities in areas to ensure integrity and quality of complex automated production processes to involve less human oversight.


Scaling up RPA adoption

Combining RPA with a solid process selection approach is the cornerstone of the RPA implementation at scale. Learn more with this blogs series – 1, 2, 3 .


Automation made intelligent

Learn the many facets of RPA in this video series by Yash Malge, Senior Director of RPA, Atos North America: 1, 2, 3


Introduction to RPA

Streamlined production and service delivery are critical to smooth manufacturing operations. Learn how to get started with RPA in 50 seconds.

White Paper

Amplify the benefits of RPA for manufacturers

Intelligent RPA can transform key workflows across your manufacturing enterprise. Learn why intelligence is critical for maximizing the benefits of automation for your business.

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