Resilience in public safety

Make sure your 112 / 911 / 999 infrastructure will keep running smoothly when it matters most

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Facing all dangers

Citizens know that large emergencies challenge the public networks. But they want reassurance that first responder organizations will be immune from overload when they are most needed. Fortunately, new solutions have emerged that ensure that police, firefighting, rescue and medical services can continue working, even when everything else is at risk.

Covid-19 crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has put public safety vulnerabilities into light. How can personnel under lockdown manage the influx of emergency and non-emergency calls? With staff in high demand due to changing enforcement rules, how to maintain statutory obligations?

Next-generation 112 / 911 / 999 can ensure that emergency management systems keep running, even under strain from healthcare crises.

New challenges for public safety resilience

Large-scale crises

Some emergency management systems are sized for typical emergencies. However, ‘one of a kind’ events such as pandemics, natural disasters, or terrorism can overload the infrastructure, or even incapacitate PSAP.

Cyber threats

Organized crime, terrorism or hostile national entities have an arsenal of tools to incapacitate critical infrastructures. And even accidental breaches can have dire consequences. How can one preserve the confidentiality and integrity of a rising number of devices on the ground?

Rising complexity

Over the years, 112 / 911 / 999 systems have evolved to accommodate new constraints, tools and needs. Regulations on accessibility deliver much-needed citizen service but add complexity. This can introduce unexpected failure points at the interconnection of systems, applications and networks.

Proven solutions

Redundant sites

Regional sites can be linked to share information and take up additional workload in case of emergency surge, or even take on all calls from a site that had to shut down. Atos can deliver such backup site procedures at country level.

Cloud hosting

Full cloud availability by Atos means a system can go on working even if local infrastructure is disrupted. Emergency organizations remain flexible and adapt to evolving conditions. For added safety, local equipment can provide redundancy in case of network unavailability.

Reliable architecture and networks

Next-generation public safety systems and networks are now based on common robust resources such as ESInet. This makes them less complex to maintain and future-proof. All agencies share the same feature-rich services, so all benefit from upgrades and improvements.

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