Resilience in public safety

Make sure your 911 infrastructure will keep running smoothly when it matters most

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Resilient networks


Citizens know that large emergencies can stress our communication infrastructure. But they want reassurance that first responder organizations will be resistant to overload when they are most needed. Fortunately, solutions ensure that police, fire and medical services can continue working, even when everything else is at risk.

Covid-19 crisis


Covid-19 has shed light on many of the vulnerabilities of public safety organizations. For example challenges such as large volumes of both emergency and non emergency calls, how do dispatchers respond to changing enforcement rules, how do we maintain our statutory obligations and keep the public safe.

Our Next Generation solutions can ensure that emergency management systems keep running, even under the strain of healthcare crises.

New challenges for public safety resilience

Large-scale crises

Some emergency management systems are sized for typical emergencies. However, ‘one of a kind’ events such as pandemics, natural disasters, or terrorism can overload the infrastructure, or even incapacitate the PSAP.

Cyber threats

Organized crime, terrorism or hostile national entities threaten to disable critical infrastructure. New monirotring devices may introduce backdoors. So how can one preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of emergency services?

Rising complexity

Over the years, 9-1-1 systems have had to accommodate new communication methods – but in an often reactionary, quick-fix manner. Compliance to new regulations have made systems even more complex. This makes it hard to anticipate failure points at the interconnection of systems, applications and networks.

Atos’ proven solutions

Redundant sites

Regional datacenters can be linked to continuously share emergency information, taking over any failed site transparently. Atos can deliver such recovery contingencies, even for an entire state or region. This means that any disaster won’t shut down your 911 service.

Cloud hosting

Your operators can now access emergency applications from any web browser. This gives you extreme flexibility if local infrastructure is disrupted – for instance in case of lockdown. And to guarantee network access, local equipment can provide redundancy.

Reliable architecture and networks

Next-generation public safety systems rely on ESInet deployment for better speed and reliability. But if planned incorrectly, an ESInet can fail and cause frequent outages. Experienced Atos network experts can design your ESInet solution to be reliable from the start.

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