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4 Learnings from a Year of Remote Working

This time last year, I started working remotely full time. I found it incredibly difficult, especially for the first couple of months

8 years of remote working

A long time ago on this blog, I wrote a weekly series on flexible working and the many places you could legitimately work with the right tools. I’ve now worked remotely now for eight years.

Novice’s guide to managing “business as usual”

So, your organization has suddenly been spurred on to adopt remote working for your employees, quickly, but you, as a manager.

The team meeting experience

So, here are ten less-obvious ways that ‘virtual’ meetings may produce better experiences and results than conventional in-person meetings

Work From Home: Bits, Bricks and Behaviours

This article is featured in the e-book “Everything you need to know about working from home” by Remote-how.

Make Your Meetings More Productive

The top twenty rapid-fire tips on how to make your group or team more effective and efficient in meetings

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