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I have an employee who doesn’t speak up in our virtual team meetings. This is new to all of us but I worry how to manage this person.Chrstophe, Belgium

Working from home full time is a big transition and it takes awhile to learn how to do it successfully.

My guiding principle is WWYDITO – What would you do in the office? Keeping many of the same routines will promote teamwork and keep prevent your people from feeling isolated.

Sometimes people have a hard time breaking into the conversation. In a meeting, they can catch your eye or you can read their face. Using video can help or try going around the group and ask each person to share something they are working on. Don’t start with the person you are concerned about – give them some time to prepare their thoughts.

Schedule regular one-to-one meetings with your employees or grab a virtual cup of coffee together. Just like what you would do if you saw this person in the office.

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