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With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the continuing economic downturn, the issues of sovereign data and cyber security, and the rapid rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the public sector is challenged to adapt their digital strategies to meet these rapidly changing demands. However, every crisis can also be an opportunity – it makes you stop and think. Your organization’s ability to innovate is the single most important factor that will determine how you will respond.

To that purpose, Atos offers innovation workshops to build roadmaps to solve your most pressing challenges. Once you select a topic and the relevant business conversation, we’ll build an agenda that provides insight from our scientific and expert communities as well as proven best practices based on our experience with the public sector. And you can experiment with demonstrations tailored to your specific challenges.

We offer our breadth of experience evaluating, designing, deploying and managing business processes and countless technologies for your organization.

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Innovation in a Box workshop structure:

(60 minute agenda, virtual)


  • Welcome & orientation
  • Latest public sector and technology trends/Journey 2024
  • Use cases
  • Facilitated Discussion
  • Conclusion & Next Steps

Innovation in a Box Collection

Choose your topic

Digital Security

“The COVID pandemic has been mirrored by a Cybersecurity pandemic…
How can you be better prepared for the greater risk created by the expanded digital footprint of your organization, your workers and the increasing number of digital services you provide to citizens? ”

Create your customized agenda
Here are some examples of conversation topics:

  • Are you still running the right security operations model?
  • Is your cloud service secure enough to handle your data?
  • How can you leverage AI to face the modern cybercriminal?


“The climate emergency is ever-present and society demands solutions….
How can you measure the impact of your operations and determine actions to accelerate your journey to Net Zero, whilst transforming operations and services for an improved citizen experience?”

Create your customized agenda
Here are some examples of conversation topics:

  • Do you understand the impact of your operations?
  • How do you reduce your footprint whilst improving citizen services?
  • How will you get to zero emissions?

Atos OneCloud

Cloud plays a key role in the transition to new modes of work and delivering new digital citizen services. But it is still a complex equation. Which applications, which data…

Create your customized agenda
Here are some examples of conversation topics:

  • How do you best create and implement your cloud roadmap?
  • How can you migrate applications and make them scale easily and reduce costs? What are the benefits of DevOps?
  • Multi-cloud: the cost and agility benefits are clear. But how can you best orchestrate such complexity?

Digital Workplace

“Delivering world-class digital services for your citizens requires a digital workplace. But this is challenging with the impact of COVID and the need for extensive home working…
How can you empower your people with technology and services to adapt and thrive in a safe and sustainable way?”

Create your customized agenda
Here are some examples of conversation topics:

  • What is your plan for transforming your workplace?
  • Can you reduce device and support costs while improving security?
  • What impact does employee engagement have on retention?


Digital technology is critical to the successful and sustainable delivery of the Olympic Games – and Atos makes it happen. Participate in a unique look behind the scenes of the most complex event in the world

Create your customized agenda
Here are some examples of conversation topics:

  • How has Atos, the IOC’s partner for digital transformation, brought the Olympic Games into the digital age?
  • Bringing together people, processes and technology: Atos’ recipe to successfully overcome the Olympic challenges
  • How does Atos ensure the reliability of its critical services in a context where no second chances are allowed?

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