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COP26 UN Climate Change Conference Glasgow

COP26 was a pivotal moment for the future of climate change. As a global community, it’s vital that we move urgently beyond low carbon, to no carbon. Atos is a signatory of the Climate Pledge and contributor to the Race to Zero, the UN initiative for net zero; we are active in the worldwide effort to help governments and business to decarbonize.

Atos is working to help build climate resilience as a trusted partner to public sector around the world. We harness the power of digital ecosystems to help you and the citizens you serve to live and work more sustainably.

What’s next after COP26?

Our collective journey to net zero and beyond

A paper reflecting on what happened at COP26 – and how to turn ambitions into action, highlighting five key drivers for public sector and five digital decarbonization accelerators.

Our net zero story

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Raising our own ambitions so we can better support yours

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Bringing you digital innovation for climate action

We have a growing portfolio of digital tech for climate action. We’ve chosen three to show you. Each is a real-life example of the transformative power of actionable data to decarbonize faster and wider. Each meets a key public sector decarbonization challenge you might be facing.

  • How can we get reliable scientific information to shape programs and influence stakeholders?
  • How big is our carbon footprint? How do we measure to accelerate decarbonization?
  • How do we inspire and empower citizens to decarbonize?

Terra² The app that means the world

A new wealth of earth imagery and scientific data to power progress to net zero

My CO2 Compass Getting the measure of your carbon

A unique data tool for any organization to precisely track and cut carbon footprints

Vivacité Empowering citizens into climate action

Putting data into the hands of householders to make sustainable everyday choices

Meet our champions @ COP26

Our champions are some of the experts at Atos who are devising and delivering the solutions that make the vital difference to decarbonizing wider and faster.

They’re attending Tech for Climate Action, available to share their experience and talk through your decarbonization opportunities and challenges.

Beth Howen

Head of Public Sector & Defense

Watch Beth's video

``What's exciting is public sector's role in the net zero race.``

Nourdine Bihmane

Head of Decarbonization Business Line

Watch Nourdine's video

“Digital transforms possibility for net zero and beyond``

Nikki Kelly

Senior Vice President
Public Sector & Defense
Northern Europe

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“We make the most difference working in partnership on net zero``

Greg Miles

Decarbonization & Sustainability Head – Public Sector & Defense

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“For many I talk to, carbon measurement is key``

Cathy James

Sales Director
Public Sector & Defense

Watch Cathy's video

“Digital decarbonization is more than just green IT”

Christine Collett

Client Executive Partner

Watch Christine's video

“It’s about not seeing decarbonization as an extra”

Kulveer Ranger

Global Head of Strategy & Communications FS&I & SVP Strategy & Communications UK&I
Client Executive Partner

Watch Kulveer's video

“While the window is closing, net zero targets are achievable”

Meet Atos’ other digital decarbonization champions from around the world:

Meet our champions


Urban nature based solutions: cities leading the way 2021

Cities produce 70% of global carbon emissions but can make a major contribution to public sector net zero programs. This report by the WWF and EcoAct explores how.

Smart cities initiatives

Digital transformation for smooth traffic systems, cleaner air, and healthier living

Atos awarded EcoVadis Platinum for sustainability

October 2021: Atos has been awarded Platinum by EcoVadis, confirming our position in the top 1% of companies assessed in our industry.

Our public sector and defense experts can help - whatever your challenge