Path to Zero Trust

Protecting your Data

Monday 20th September 2021 | 11 am GST

Webinar on Data Protection

Please join Atos security experts on Monday, September 20th at 11am GST for our series: Path to Zero Trust. This 45-minute session will focus on Data Protection so you can find out how data encryption measures can protect your business in an environment with increasing data breaches.

Data protection is a key challenge for many organizations. Discover how Atos can secure your end-to-end infrastructure with unified data encryption and complete control over data access with key management regardless of data format or location. Combined with our certified Hardware Security Module (HSM), Atos guarantees the confidentiality of your sensitive data.

Join us for a discussion, presentation, and Q&A on the Path to Zero Trust and learn how to:

  • Protect privacy with Trustway data encryption solutions
  • Be compliant with regulatory standards
  • Protect cloud data, applications, Virtual Machines (VM), database and files
  • Tokenize and secure your sensitive data.

Please register and join us at 11am GST on Monday, September 20th


Philippe Cau

Atos Cybersecurity Business developpment manager at Trustway BL