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24th, 25th and 26th November

Bring ideas to life

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is an event horizon that will bring lasting change across the Healthcare industry. Every crisis, however, has one advantage – it makes you stop and think. Your organisation’s ability to innovate is the single most important factor that will determine how it responds to the changing socio-economic environment. We have already seen an upsurge in the application of digital technologies to solve immediate problems – virtual care, remote monitoring, diagnostics, chatbot, remote triage, and wearables. These new solutions are being implemented in the core workflows of organisations like yours in the middle of this pandemic.

Whether you are trying to modernise your core business applications or improve your employee experience, whether you are trying to shield yourself from emerging security and regulatory risks or exploring new ways of acquiring and retaining customers, or whether you are trying to manage your carbon footprint – Atos has expertise and proven credentials to help you in every step of your journey and we are committed to your growth.

Join us for an innovation session where we will be delving into a ‘day in the life’ of a patient, highlighting the experiences and challenges they face in this new normal.

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