Manufacturing giant refuses to pay a ransom and evicts attackers in hours


A global manufacturing firm discovered they were the victims of a ransomware attack that quickly spread to hundreds of their systems. They expelled their attacker and returned to business within five hours, without paying any ransom by calling Atos.


The company suffered a ransomware attack that infected over 450 of its systems in less than an hour, with a ransom of over $5 million in XBT.


Atos deployed its breach management services. These included sending an incident response team to the client site, combined with remote analysis. Atos extracted and detonated the cryptoworm behind the attack and returned the manufacturing company to operation later that day.


By partnering with Atos, this manufacturing company:

  • Actively investigated and identified the methodology behind the ransomware attack.
  • Removed the threat and returned the business to operations within 12 hours of discovering the attack and within 5 hours of calling Atos.
  • Began to safeguard their systems with an AI-driven MDR program.
  • Reduced incident analysis effort by over 50%.
  • Increased speed to detect and time to remove threats, by over 80% each.

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