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Over the past few years, many financial market regulations have arisen that revolve around various types of contracts i.e. Qualified Financial Contracts record-keeping rule, QFC stay rule, IM rule, LIBOR,EU General Data Protection Regulation, CCAR/DFAST CFO Attestation etc., This has created a strong need for organizations to digitize and process their contracts (in addition to measuring, monitoring, and understanding the breadth and depth of their contracts).

Our contract lifecycle management offering is derived from our deep experiences in the AI/ML digital space and financial regulatory reporting covering almost all asset classes ranging from Commercial business loans to CRE / Commercial mortgages to Floating rate notes to Securitization products and OTC & Exchange Traded Derivatives. Our solution also provides the customer with a smooth transitioning from LIBOR to any other reference rates while helping to analyse impact of change in rates(P/L) and help banks to provide a zero sum solution on a case by case basis.

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