Future Ready for Retail

Business continuity redefined


In this unprecedented time, how do you connect with customers to drive your retail business? How do you go a step further to get the full benefit of digital technologies and new, data-driven business models?

In retail, technology has already been changing customers’ demands and behaviors for a number of years. Today’s’ customers require total choice and omnichannel flexibility anywhere and at any time. They are concerned with transparency, traceability and sustainability. They expect personalization. They want everything now and are no longer ready to wait.

While the crisis task force acts short-term, retail management teams should think ahead to grasp potential opportunities.

Be future ready with Atos’ solutions designed for retail.

How the retail industry is expected to transform in the post-pandemic world:


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Immersive shopping experiences


Todays’ customers are looking for highly personalized, interactive experiences to connect with innovative brands and shop anywhere and at any time. In the fast-paced world of consumer retail, how can you stand out from the competition with exciting experiences while ensuring maximum safety and security for your customers?

Our Solutions

Separation dash

for the future ready retail organization

Create breakthrough shopping experiences

Introduce digital virtual stores leveraging virtual augmented reality to mitigate health & safety risks in physical stores.

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Optimize critical supply chains

Enhance real-time insights, optimize operations, predict transport disruptions and increase security using technologies such as blockchain, etc.

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Innovate last mile delivery

Reducing health and safety risks during last mile delivery by avoiding physical contact.


Ensure trust in health & safety

Introduce health and safety in crowded environments.

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Increase business agility

Introduce new ways of working and new business processes to adapt quickly on changing situations.

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Generate ideas for rapid problem solving

Fast, Lateral and Innovative Problem Solving.

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Our experts

Terry Lobel

Head of Consulting & Marketing – Retail, Transport & Logistics  

Sebastiaan Leeuwenkamp

Global Head of Supply Chain

Eric Lesage

Global Head of Pre-sales

Michael Endres

Global Head of Portfolio 

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