Innovation Workshops for Insurance


Virtual workshop structure
(90 minutes)


  • Welcome & orientation (5 min)
  • Digital Icebreaker (10 min)
  • Topic Statement (10 min)
  • Expert Input, Sharing, Demo (20 min)
  • Facilitated Discussion (30 min)
  • Conclusion & Next Steps (10 min)
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Potential innovation workshop topics

As a complete end-to-end IT services provider, we are open to many topics for discussion.
Below are brief descriptions of some valuable innovation workshops we’ve conducted.

Smart Insurance operations

Evaluate a legacy process or application and explore how Insurtech can help transform operations into smart insurance operations. Impacts include improving customer services, optimizing claims and underwriting processes.

Open Insurance transformation

The process for buying and selling insurance is evolving. Embedding insurance products into third-party value chains can be a transformational way to add growth. Evaluating your organization and operations with the requirements of this marketplace are a solid first step to investigating Open Insurance.


Decarbonization is a core focus for Atos. Along with our commitment to reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2035, we’re helping our customers evaluate their sustainability status and build a plan to Net Zero.

Employee experience-based workplace

Employee experience is at the heart of Atos Digital Workplace Services. Fully engaged employees lead to improved customer satisfaction and better business outcomes. The new normal must deliver a significant change for employees. In an Innovation Workshop we will discuss your workplace challenges and make some recommendations for how to adapt your workplace for a better employee experience.


The transformation of insurance business models such as Open Insurance is providing new opportunities for hackers to disrupt operations or steal data. Explore how new security approaches allow innovators to retain the trust of their customers and protect their important brand.

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