E-commerce giant dramatically reduces mean time to detect and respond to threats


A giant e-commerce organization suffered advanced targeted attacks throughout their global network and selected Atos AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response service to accelerate their threat investigation and remediation 24x7x365.


The company was suffering advanced, targeted cyber-attacks, including non-signature- based threats in their network and complex attacks in their broader environment.


Atos deployed their full AI-driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) program with 24x7x365 security monitoring throughout the company’s entire network. The company’s new security program included multi-vector big-data security analytics and comprehensive response services.


By partnering with Atos, this E-Commerce company:

  • Detected new attacks and complex malware at each stage of the attack chain.
  • Accelerated and expanded their ability to identify attacker information, asset impact, and attack spread. Automated their network and endpoint response.
  • Greatly accelerated their alert validation, incident analysis, and threat containment.
  • Reduced incident analysis effort by 50%.

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