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Going Live and Remote

Live Remote Production report

For decades, live content production was all about tonnes of kit, driven from place to place by teams of people who were dedicated to operating that kit. Tapes turned to files, hardware to software, on-premise to cloud; but the outside broadcast truck stood firm.

Until now.

Computer processing power is now sufficient to process high-quality video and audio in real-time effectively. High-end IP networks are now more than capable of transiting large numbers of high-bitrate video streams from location to location. Production teams can now be split across sites or even working at home. The age of remote live production has well and truly begun, but that is not to say that it is without challenges.

So how mature is the state of remote live production? What improvements still need to be made? And can we even reach a common understanding of what remote production means?

As the lead sponsor, we worked with the DPP and experts from 44 different organizations including the BBC, BBC Sports, Microsoft, WarnerMedia, ITV, Euro Media Group, Sky, BT and Google to shed light on one of the most fundamental and important changes taking place in our Media & Entertainment industry today.

Download the report, and you’ll discover:

  • The realities and best practices in creating a live production remotely – both for low cost and premium events
  • The maturity of our industry – and different segments of it – to produce in such a way
  • The remaining challenges and areas of future technical development and operational improvement

Download the Live Remote Production report from the DPP and Atos

Webcast: Best practices in delivering live productions remotely – with DPP