Digital Workplace Cybersecurity

For Telco, Media and Technology Companies

Empower remote working experience

The way we work is being redefined. If organizations want their employees to be flexible and able to work from any location, they need to ensure secure access to data and applications.

Telecom, media and technology organizations’ security concerns change as content moves through different parts of their production and supply chain. In this ecosystem, digital workplace security controls rely on 3 pillars to ensure a smooth experience for employees:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Atos security solutions provide secure collaborative environments while maintaining a consistent user experience and satisfaction.

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Web Access Manager

Offer identity federation and strong authentication strategy to remove or limit password use for on–prem, mobile and cloud applications


What will user authentication look like in 2030?

123456, qwerty, password, iloveyou, princess, dragon… The 2019 list of the Worst Passwords reminds us that many internet users are still dangerously unimaginative and underestimate cybersecurity issues.


Federating & protecting the accesses of mobile users

Why Authentication and access control should not be handled by Web applications?

Cloud Access Security Broker

Do you know where all your sensitive data is today? Manage and better secure cloud services to which your sensitive data could be sent with a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)


Cloud Adoption and Risk Report (Work from Home Edition)

The recent work from home mandate has dramatically changed how we live and work. Organizations are getting creative about how they can continue to operate productively when most of their employees are working from home.


The Cloud Control Point for continuous real time protection

Do you know where all your sensitive data is today? Discover in this brochure how can a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) enhance your cloud security?

Digital Signature

Ensure the integrity of signed electronic documents and the signers’ identity


4 steps to deploy your digital signature project

In environments that require a high level of trust, advanced or qualified electronic signatures are highly advised. But where to begin?


Legality of electronic signatures: what makes them enforceable?

Electronic signature can greatly benefit organizations, but what does it take to make a reliable and legally accepted digital signature?

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