Cybersecurity Academy – Security DIVE training program

Become a cybersecurity professional in 100+ days!

Application opening date: May 2022

Start : November 2022

Location: Remote / Atos HQ (Bezons – FRANCE) / Abroad

You are a recent college graduate majoring in IT? You are passionate about security and tech? You want to learn everything there is to know about forensic, investigation, SOC? You are polyvalent, dynamic, curious and love working as a team? Our training program SECURITY DIVE is the right fit for you! Experience a full immersion at the heart of cybersecurity that will allow you to acquire the key competencies of IT security.

Our learning method, practical and concrete, will be combined with an immersion within our security labs. In order to better understand the different tasks, local or international, which you will undertake, you will be working not only with our French teams but also with our teams at international level. Your mentors will be by your side during the entirety of the program.

At the end of this intensive training, you will be able to obtain globally-recognized cybersecurity certifications. Joining this ambitious program will provide you with a fascinating job, privileged mentorship and a career among the best experts in their domain. It will also allow you to work with big accounts in the public sector, insurance, defense and telecommunication industry, with key cybersecurity challenges to be addressed.

Program details

The SECURITY DIVE training program is designed in 3 phases, with a variety of formats.

At the end of these 100+ days you will be ready for a permanent position in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity fundamentals

First, we focus on cybersecurity fundamentals and enable you to find your way in our organization. Among the key topics to be covered: Network, Architecture, Security and much more. Labs and experts’ sessions will be combined.

10 weeks

International cyberweek

In the second phase, the international cyberweek in our Security Center of Excellence, you will meet your colleagues and dive into the world of an international company with 24/7 availability that fight cyber threats all over the world.

1 week



In the third and last phase. you will select one cyber specialization, and will be working with a highly qualified team, expert in their domain. You will have then the possibility to enhance your skills by passing several certifications related to the chosen specialization.

8 weeks

Access the exclusive benefits of the program

Close mentorship

Along all the training program, you will have a mentor supporting you from the Atos cybersecurity experts.

Permanent contract

You will be offered a permanent contract* with Atos from Day-1 of the training program, and with progressive salary increase.

* or local contract


You will have the opportunity to take globally-recognized certifications in cybersecurity, specific to the specialization you will choose.

The 3 cybersecurity specializations available

SOC analyst

In a world where cyber threats are increasing in sophistication and numbers, your role focuses on analyzing and interpreting alerts and sets to help customers improve their defense and operational strategies.

Main tasks :

  • Develop expertise in monitoring threats and TTPs as well as technologies on SIEM, EDR and tools related to intrusion detection;
  • Proceed to in-depth investigations on alerts, intrusions and malwares;
  • Build new detection capabilities based on your research of new attack techniques;
  • Natural ability and obsessive problem-framing and problem-solving skills;
  • Interact with customer stakeholders to understand digital defensive challenges.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response analyst

DFIR has become a central capability of an organization’s security. If you are interested in cybersecurity and investigation and want to use your problem-solving talents to work in this challenging and fast-moving field, this role might be the perfect fit for you.

DFIR is about finding the root causes of an attack, like after a robbery, experts come to find some traces and clues. This is also about responding to an attack.

Main tasks :

  • Track the sources of cybercrimes among our customers (Malware analysis, system analysis, network analysis and Cloud analysis);
  • Conduct 360° forensic analysis like File System Forensics, Memory Forensics, Network Forensics, and Log Analysis;
  • Interact with the DFIR community;
  • Manage urgency and visibility to ensure timely response by all stakeholders;
  • Follow up an incident for its full lifecycle, including post mortem reviews and follow up actions.

Operational Cybersecurity Consultant

Do you have a strong appetite for discovering new customer environments? Do you like being operational, in close proximity with Customer teams, SMB and major accounts much more than theory? Then Operational Cybersecurity Consultant might be the perfect job for you.


Main tasks :

  • Design and implement security solutions and architectures (Network architecture, Firewalling Fortigate, CheckPoint, F5, SIEM (Q-Radar, Splunk, ELK);
  • Focus on the next generations of Cloud security solutions (AWS, Azur, GCP);
  • Maintain in Operational Conditions (MCO) InfoSec activities;
  • Assist and coordinate with customers on the security and network projects;
  • Interact closely with the SOC Team.

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SOC Analyst

DFIR Analyst

Operational Cybersecurity Consultant

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