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With broad and deep experience in CPG and F&B, Atos anticipates your needs to drive excellence in demand fulfillment, improve operational efficiency and create a memorable customer experience — with speed and economy.

We accomplish this with comprehensive expertise and services to enrich and streamline virtually every process in your production and delivery value chain.

The result is a streamlined, accelerated and agile innovation pathway to realize your business objectives.

Access the capabilities you need to bring your vision to life.

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Bills of Material planning-to-production time was 2-3 weeks. Now it’s done with reduced risk of errors in a day or less.

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Predictive Maintenance

A real-time manufacturing intelligence platform improved operational efficiency by 20% in just one month.

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Sales Support

How to deliver an amazing customer experience through 120 salespeople and 45,000 global partners?

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Fleet Management

Smart fleet management can lead to 15% fuel savings and 10% lower TCO.

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Proximity Marketing

Promotional rate of return jumps from 2-3% to 7-10% with IoT-connected coolers and great data handling.

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Digital Workplace

User Productivity

Keeping 200,000 employees productive means fast, efficient user support. AI and automation are key.

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Lower costs from ERP to application management to analytics.

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Pricing Platform

Special pricing approvals reduced from 6 hours to 5 minutes with automated workflows.

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Create the Future You Want to See

3 Ways CPG Companies can (and must) Innovate Now

One thing is clear from the ongoing uncertainties of 2020: innovation is essential.

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A Service Partner You Can Count On

“We count on Atos’ experience and expertise to ensure better and faster access to new technology solutions.”

  • Global Center of Excellence for CPG and F&B
  • Consult, Design, Build, Deploy, and Run
  • One-stop shop for SAP expertise in CPG
  • Experienced with over 300 applications touching nearly 500 business processes
  • EU-based experts with average 5-10 years experience in the industry



Streamline and accelerate your digital journey with a single, proven partner for CPG / F&B process & innovation.


Build agility into your production & delivery ecosystem. Our diverse solutions skill set adds efficiency and agility throughout your value chain, making it easier to address uncertainty in markets, supply, workforce and IT requirements.


Advance your ecosystem across virtually all business processes with our broad range of seamless services to innovate, build, maintain and evolve, all under one roof.


Save money with flexible, economical staffing that readily responds to seasonal volumes, project-driven workloads or unexpected changes in your business.

End to End IT Services for CPG

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Atos solutions are driven by your goals and business processes – not by a limited list of products. Our global center of excellence for CPG solutions is experienced with hundreds of processes and applications. To learn more about how we can help with your projects, ask a question or request a call here.

Atos Innovations in CPG

We’re Installing 1.4 Million Connected Coolers

Supporting Business Growth with S/4HANA

The Dairy business is one of small margins, with businesses striving to reduce cost and waste. CDL’s plan was to harness the power of SAP S/4HANA to deliver a lightning fast and robust solution to improve business processes and generate growth.

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IoT Set to Create Trillions in Value

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