Webcast: Making the Shift to the Cloud in Healthcare

Accelerating the digital transformation effort of healthcare providers

Cloud in Healthcare

With healthcare organizations now making considerable progress investing in cloud technology, this webinar explores the cloud’s acceleration of digital transformation efforts of healthcare providers, in order to modernize their IT infrastructure and ultimately enable digital transformation initiatives.

With expert insights from speakers from IDC, Atos, and VMware, you will be provided with an industry overview focusing on the cloud, and discussions about the next generation of care, as well as provider digitization, and how cloud is enabling the ‘art of the possible’.

Building on research that IDC have been doing on the cloud in Healthcare, Mutaz Shegewi shares recent research insights and learnings that are most relevant to today’s healthcare ecosystem.

Adam Lewis from Atos is outlining the importance of data and how we go about making sure data is ready for the demands of tomorrow, as well as the foundation building blocks that can be put in place as organizations look at executing their cloud and digital strategies.

Finally, Jens Kögler sheds light on the complexities VMware have identified surrounding the shift to the cloud within the industry and the measures they have taken to deal with these, including their platform in which they advise customers on the implementation of cloud services and the migration of the workplace.

You will learn:

  • How the cloud is key for enabling the “art of the possible” in healthcare mostly through eliminating much of the guesswork from common scenarios such as supporting end user growth, clinical and operational application upgrades, and business continuity
  • How cloud usage is the start of digital technology enabling the future of healthcare, moving from treating illnesses to helping support wellness
  • How the dynamic nature of care delivery requires us to think differently
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Featured Presenters

Tom Schmidt,
Digital Content Director, IDG SMS

Mutaz Shegewi,
Research Director, Provider IT Transformation Strategies, IDC Health Insights

Adam Lewis,
Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Healthcare & Life Sciences, Atos
Member of the Scientific Community, Atos

Jens Kögler,
Healthcare Industry Director EMEA, VMware