Analyst Webinar Series

Webinar Series.


Join our webinars in this new series to find out how Atos is generating value for our clients through sustainable and innovative offerings tailored to their industries and markets.

Digital Disruption in the Healthcare Industry

Atos will discuss how the adoption of digital technologies is blurring the distinctions between the Payer and Provider Healthcare markets.

Heather Haugen
Jerry Matthews

Connecting People, Products and Processes

Digitally-driven changes have a massive impact on business, collaboration, relationships, behavior and expectations. Join our Manufacturing webinar to experience how we are supporting our customers to take advantage of the digital challenges and achieve business outcomes.

Thilo Stieber, Atos Chief Digital Officer, Global Manufacturing, Retail & Transport

Insurance agility through digital transformation

Join our Insurance webinar to learn how Atos is enabling insurance firms to redefine traditional insurance operating models, focus on outstanding customer experience and achieve business outcomes.

Digital Workplace for the Digital Age

An efficient workplace and collaboration environment is much more than a matter of cost reduction. It’s the key to fostering a more agile and innovative mindset. From our perspective as the leader in digital workplace and unified communications, we witness on a daily basis what a difference it makes to really enable people. Workforce transformation is the foundational principle of leveraging the potential of the digital age. Atos is proud to be the trusted partner for our clients’ digital journey, starting with the most precious resource: people!

James McMahon – VP, Head of Atos Workplace Services
Melanie de Vigan – Global Portfolio Manager, Workplace Services