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As the trusted partner for your digital Journey, Atos does not only design, integrate and operate customer specific solutions based on our partners’ technology.

It also develops high-end technologies, products and its own IP that bring unique additional value in performance and security.



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Atos R&D centers cover strategic domains such as: Payment & e-commerce, Industry 4.0, Cognitive Computing & Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Next generation infrastructures and applications, Collaborative workplace, Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions.

The people who drive our commitment to innovation

More than 3,200 people within the group are working on R&D programs and projects. In order to sustain this activity, the group implemented 2 communities, consisting of some of the best minds in IT, business and science:

A key player in the European research arena

Atos’ extensive experience in European Commission projects, which goes back as far as 1987, has made it an entry point into European institutions for Atos’ business units and clients.

In 2017, Atos became member of the European Factories of the Future Association (EFFRA) that coordinate the Factories of the Future (FoF) topics in H2020, positioning Atos as a reference in the European R&D Domain.

Major initiatives

  • Quantum Flagship: An initiative working on finding new industrial quantum applications and simulation platforms
  • European Processor Initiative, to develop European microprocessors for future supercomputers aiming of delivering a locally made exascale chip by 2025.
  • Mont Blanc: An European approach towards energy efficient high performance
  • Fiware: An European open ecosystem to develop smart applications
  • CityGO: Transportation Planner and Intelligent Mobility Solution

At a glance

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The Atos AI labs can be used by organizations worldwide to define and design use cases relevant to their needs, such as

  • working with an energy company to create safer and more efficient operations by using connected sensors in their supply chain
  • working to reduce fraud in financial services by using data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

The AI Labs are part of our global partnership with Google Cloud.

The Atos Artificial intelligence and machine learning lab width=

Big Data & Security

Atos Big Data & Security R&D team is involved in major European and worldwide innovation programs in Digital Simulation, Big Data and Cybersecurity.

In addition, it is working in tight cooperation with customers and suppliers such as CEA (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique) recognized as one of the best research public bodies in the world, Siemens with the joint R&D program on data analytics and Dell EMC and VMware.

In action : the BullSequana XH2000

Quantum Computing

Quantum R&D labs accommodate the research work done as part of the Atos Quantum program, the first major quantum industry program in Europe, launched by Atos in 2016.

This program aims to develop and market quantum computing solutions, as well as quantum safe cybersecurity products. Atos researchers developed the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (Atos QLM), the world’s highest-performing commercially available quantum simulator, already marketed to the world’s most prestigious universities and research centers. A new R&D Lab is expected to be officially open near Paris in summer 2020.

The Diane Quantum Computing

Unified Communications & Collaboration

With over 3000 patents, Unify continues to innovate with communication and collaboration solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small and medium enterprises to the very largest global corporations and governmental institutions; with on-premise, cloud and hybrid consumption models all supported by its unique product architecture.

“With over 3000 patents, Unify continues to innovate with communication and collaboration solutions for companies of all sizes”

Payments & e-commerce

Worldline R&D comprises a dedicated team of R&D engineers located in 17 countries across the globe.

While many of these R&D engineers are closely integrated within operational teams and focus primarily on incremental innovation, others are focused on longer-term research projects dedicated to disruptive innovation.

Worldline R&D engineers also support a broader team of more than 4,000 engineers working directly with clients.

logo worldline

Industry 4.0

Our researchers work closely with Siemens R&D on breakthrough solutions for the Industry, Energy and Health sectors where our joint innovations have become a symbol of excellence and quality.

Focus on: C-Lab: Innovation center with University of Paderborn

Founded in 1985, C-Lab combines science with industrial practice through combined research and development activities. It integrates practical market requirements into academic research and teaching to build competence around new technologies, solutions and markets.

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