Innovation Labs

Atos new technologies are being born in the various Innovation Labs that span our business units. Our emerging research covers the most innovative topics and includes Data Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, High Performance Computing and e-Payments along with numerous other technology topics.

Bull R&D

Founded in 1931, Bull R&D has been bringing technology innovation expertise to our clients for more than 80 years. This R&D team has a very active innovation spirit backed by a culture of Intellectual Property (IP). Together these have led to numerous disruptive developments, including more than 1,500 patents.

Bull R&D was integrated into Atos in 2015, where it became our Big Data and Security Division. Since that time it has focused its innovation on five core research and development programs:

  • High-Performance Computing: highly scalable servers and high performing software suites
  • DC Server and Bullion appliance: enterprise servers with an outstanding memory capacity and the RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) features mandatory for critical applications
  • Big Data: a platform for Big Data applications
  • IT Modernization: a complete software stack enabling migration from a mainframe to an open environment
  • Security: Identity and Access Management solutions alongside cryptographic products and mission critical Homeland Security solutions

In addition, Bull R&D has embarked on the Atos Quantum program which targets the development and marketing of solutions for quantum computing, as well as quantum safe cyber security products.

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Worldline R&D

Worldline’s R&D labs are a key enabler of our capacity for innovation. By continually improving our payments products and solutions they provide a critical strength in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Managed centrally from a headquarters near Paris, Worldline R&D comprises a dedicated team of R&D engineers located in 17 countries across the globe. While many of these R&D engineers are closely integrated within operational teams and focus primarily on incremental innovation, others are focused on longer-term research projects dedicated to disruptive innovation. Our Worldline R&D engineers also support a broader team of more than 4,000 engineers working directly with clients to implement new and evolving services.

Siemens R&D

Our researchers work closely with Siemens R&D on breakthrough solutions for the Industry, Energy and Health sectors where our joint innovations have become a symbol of excellence and quality.

Unify R&D

Our Unify R&D team develops innovative communications tools that foster rich and meaningful conversations. These new technologies allow the daily flow of communications to be pulled together and managed. Our tools allow our clients to work seamlessly across multiple channels and devices, with a unified view of every conversation, along with relevant context and history to enhance every interaction.

Atos Research & Innovation

Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) has been investigating emerging technologies and anticipating market demand for emerging innovative solutions for more than 28 years. Our ARI experts cover a wide range of disciplines, from the latest technological areas to social sciences and economics.

ARI’s extensive experience in European Commission projects, which goes back as far as 1987, has made it an entry gate into European institutions for Atos’ business units and clients.

ARI covers a wide range of activities and provides a reliable business services to our customers: from developing strategy to managing projects; from generating ideas to identifying funding opportunities and selecting partners; from ideas and opportunities to real results.

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Research areas

In line with Atos constant search for practical innovations and business trends, ARI is committed to being at the forefront of technological developments. In addition to our 5 labs, we are working on 3 strategic topics:

  1. Smart cities, as a core partner in the European Open Platform FIWARE.
  2. Industry 4.0, working with disruptive technologies likely to have a significant impact on manufacturing in the future.
  3. Web-scale IT, developing methods and tools for automation and self-adaptability of software development.

Data Intelligence

Identity privacy

Identity & Privacy

Internet of things

Internet of Everything


NG cloud

NG Cloud

Key results


Atos Research & Innovation 2017

Innovation is in our DNA. Come with us to the future of technologies.



Capturean. Capture & Analytics

Do you dare taking business decisions without consulting and analyzing information coming from social media?



Fiware. An European open ecosystem to develop smart applications

Do you know how Atos can help you setting smart services based on FIWARE?

C-Lab: Innovation Center with University of Paderborn

Founded in 1985, C-Lab combines science with industrial practice through combined research and development activities. It integrates practical market requirements into academic research and teaching to build competence around new technologies, solutions and markets.

C-Lab boasts:

  • More than 100 publicly funded R&D projects realized
  • A networkof more than 250 partners from industry and science
  • More than 70 PhD theses completed
  • More than 300 contributions to scientific books, conferences and journals

Innovation Center with University of Paderborn

C-Lab aligns and selects the topics and contents of its projects in conjunction with our Atos Scientific Community, markets and divisions, before realizing them in close cooperation with the relevant Atos divisions.

Innovative information and communication technologies (ICT)

Value adding business processes

Intuitive user processes

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