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We have concluded the first half of 2019 – a semester that has given us the opportunity to restart our Digital Transformation program and reimagine the way we are transforming Atos into a more Digital organization.

Together, we have completed a lot of the objectives that we had for this semester: we have released more than 10 apps that are helping employees in many different roles to have a better day-to-day experience; we have put in place an automation marketplace and code-sharing platform that is helping Developers all over the world increase their collaboration and co-creation opportunities; we have also aligned our learning objectives with the People Strategy for 2021; set the strategy for our Innovation Labs Studios (Atos Studios) and Start Up ecosystems; and also actively engaged with all actors in our organization, with partners, and with many clients.

Of course the journey doesn’t stop here. Ahead of us we have a new semester where, consolidating and growing upon the work done, we will help Atos reach the objectives for H2 and set a strong foundation to achieve our Advance 2021 objectives.

`Now is your opportunity to join our Digital Transformation Community! We are happy to give you the opportunity to contribute, and hopefully get your help to enhance Atos digital leadership!´

Philippe Mareine, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer

`Now is your opportunity to join our Digital Transformation Community! We are happy to give you the opportunity to contribute, and hopefully get your help to enhance Atos digital leadership!´

Javier Ponce, Head of Digital Transformation

Refreshed Digital Transformation Program

As the aim of the Digital Transformation Program is to support our organization transformation to be more adaptable to the continuous fast pace environment, the program itself is requiring to be pivoted in order to readapt into new 3-year plan in order to Live, Learn, Tell and Inspire Digital.Revamping some areas like culture change to learn and adapt to new ways of working, while we keep delivering the user experience and process digitalization effort, making sure that we focus on showcasing to customers our experience and enhancing Atos thought leadership and visibility.

Explore Our Apps

We are making the day-to-day easier for our employees and clients by digitally transforming their experiences via access to an internally developed ecosystem of applications, addressing a wide range of business scopes.


Making employee onboarding a better, smoother experience via the Welcome App



Moving into an agile digital people supply, supporting different user personas



Empowering the career development of our employees, through a new mobile experience



Your Atos support team is just one tap away, anywhere and anytime



Democratizing sustainability objectives with a gamified environment



Executive cockpit to drive data consolidation, reporting, and insights for end users


Global Blockchain AI Hackathon

Atos was challenged to develop a solution for next generation digital ID and finished 2nd dureing the World’s biggest hackathon on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

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Guillaume von der Weid

What does Digital Transformation mean to you?
It means 3 things on 3 different levels.
First, my personal experience as an individual. This transformation is about not only a new mean but a new dimension of human life….

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StartUp Flow

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