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Turn convergence into opportunity

Atos’ comprehensive portfolio of Telco Network Products (TNP) for telecom operators includes innovative, turnkey, carrier-grade, and cost-effective products that help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) deploy new services to generate more business value from their networks.

Our products have proven carrier grade performance. Their modular design and layered software approach provides high capacity and scalability to grow from small to very large deployments supporting tens of millions of subscribers, and tens of thousands of transactions per second.

All products are ready for immediate adoption either standalone or packaged together to enable CSPs launching disruptive offerings to different market segments, at the same time.

The TNP group has been actively working in network technologies for more than 20 years, developing dozens of different applications and products in that time.  Today, our group counts with more than 250 engineers highly skilled in telecom network technologies, protocols, and standards. We are ready to deliver our comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and specialized professional services, and work with our technology partners in order to drive the business of our customers.

Atos turnkey, carrier-grade, and cost-effective products – not just a means of bridging network blackspots – enabled high-performance and flexibility towards the all-IP future.

Fixed Mobile Convergence

Fixed Mobile Convergence meets the demands of the current working environment towards more flexibility and cooperation. The video illustrates how Mobile Operators and MVNOs best turn convergence into opportunity in the enterprise market. It’s partly about reducing contractual complexity for business customers. But the real value is increased convenience and productivity for the business user, sharing services intelligently across devices from fixed line phones, softphones and mobiles. With shared services, intelligent switching between devices, and an end to manual joggling, according to where you are, and what you are doing.

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Telco Network Products

Atos’s convergent service layer approach – providing the same services to subscribers whether they connect via a Circuit Switched or Packet Switched network.

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