Innovation Services for Telecommunications

Every telco needs to be a leader in innovation, getting to market first with a new products and services.

Bringing compelling new products and services to market ahead of the competition needs more than great ideas.

Atos has a proven track record in each of these individual components, and in the complex projects needed to bring them all together quickly and effectively.

As your partner in digital transformation, Atos will support you through each of these essential phases of service innovation.

With our Atos Codex analytics solutions, we can deliver the market insight based on the choices and behavior of both consumer and business customers.

Years of practical experience mean we can effectively integrate your new products into billing and provisioning systems, too, ensuring that network performance and customer care will always be ready for the new demands of your customers.

“Global mobile subscriptions will grow to $8.5 billion by 2019.”

Why choose Atos …

Atos telco expertise spans the value chain, and that means your pursuit of innovative new services will fit seamlessly with established business practice.

We understand the urgency needed in getting new products to market fast, and have the depth of resources needed to ensure that speed doesn’t compromise quality.

Active Intelligence

Our Atos Codex analytics solutions deliver sharp and actionable insight.

Rapid Development

DevOps keeps development and operation in effective harmony.

In-depth Knowledge

Industry expertise from Omni-Channel Management to  Service Provisioning.

Trust and Security

Customer confidence is key, and with Atos, security is end-to-end.

Catalogue-based order management

As you develop new and innovative customer services, you need to ensure that client requests are managed with outstanding efficiency.

Yesterday’s systems are not fit for tomorrow’s demands.

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Right across the telco value chain, Atos can support you in product and service innovation, commercialization and delivery.

Telco Network Products

Atos turnkey, carrier-grade, and cost-effective products – not just a means of bridging network blackspots – enabled high-performance and flexibility towards the all-IP future.

3rd Party Enabling / API

Manage risks by leading API management platforms and get most value out of the cloud and b2c strategy while supporting traffic management. API Security, threat protection and agile development of new API’s.

Atos Worldline

Offering telcos so much more than e-payment services, Worldline has compelling Consumer Cloud and Customer Contact solutions to discover.


Virtual Network Functions – Atos secure NFV Infrastructure, enabling rapid deployment of an infrastructure for on boarding your network functions.

Our experts

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Gemma Jimenez

Business Developer Telco Network Products and Services

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Dietmar Christ

Global Business Development Manager Telco

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Paul Davey

CTO – Telecommunications Market

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