Operational Excellence in Media

For every media company, the shift to digital must be mirrored in both the infrastructure model and supporting systems.

Media has always been a craft industry, and it will remain so.  It’s just that the craft is changing as new generations of artists and audiences shape the landscape.  Established players must achieve new levels of operational excellence to sustain reputation in this new digital world.

Atos is one of the very few companies to combine industrial scale experience of the media sector with a genuine flair for digital innovation.

This is a critical moment for established media companies, and we are helping clients around the world plot their transition to new digital landscapes.We complement our horizontal IT services with our specific media capabilities to drive digital transformation programs by leading progressive transition of media services to the cloud, including hybrid model.

We demonstrated cost-effective and efficient synergies across enterprise IT and media operations, in the evolving scenario of transition of legacy dedicated and bespoke technologies to virtualized infrastructures.

Operational excellence

Atos is the operational outsourcing partner to the world’s leading public service broadcaster.

Why choose Atos in the pursuit of operational excellence?

Atos is one of the very few IT companies with genuine and demonstrable experience in the changing world of media.

Through every media process, Atos provides solid and reliable services for managing and operating  the underlying digital infrastructures. Our business and service models are agile, offering choices from traditional ITO to entirely new “as-a-service” delivery.

Media Process Experience

Atos knows the processes which support broadcast, publishing and entertainment.

Specialized Portfolio

From Broadcast Network Control to fully outsourced media payment services, media clients select from robust and specialized services.

Choice of Models

Media is in transition.  Atos offers a choice of service models, supporting both continuity and transformation.

Continuity and transition

Our media consultants are ready to help design the most rewarding of digital transformation journeys.

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