Media Function Virtualization

The bespoke technologies of broadcast equipment rooms are no longer fit for purpose in new media landscapes.

Broadcast is in a state of urgent transformation.  The world of legacy broadcast equipment must be migrated to software and IP-based models.  This is in part because of cost, but even more importantly, it’s to meet the need for agility in new media landscapes.

As a digital transformation partner to the broadcast media industry, Atos has the skills and resources needed to support you in this leap to Media Functions Virtualization.

Our media consultants will help plan and implement the transformation. We will manage all aspects of application consolidation and management, and of the preparation of your new media datacenter strategy and architecture.

Most importantly, we offer the resilient and fully scalable cloud delivery models needed to assure dynamic services without capital expenditure.

Less than 80% media IT execs seek more efficient application environments

Media Functions Virtualization with Atos

With our deep experience of broadcast and our major investments in cloud resource, we are a solid IT partner in media transformation.

We are equipped to guide you through the practical implementation of this essential business and technology transition.

Agile and Scalable

As a single service provider, we offer direct access to a full spectrum of virtualized media functions.

Rationalize and Standardize

Eliminate the rigidity  of legacy broadcast technologies by using more flexible and scalable IT/IP infrastructure.

From Capex to Opex

A service-based pricing model means you pay strictly according to consumption.

Future proof

Speedup the go-to-market in the new dynamic media business by being continuously prepared for changes and innovation.

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