Connected Audiences

Audience experience has changed forever: it’s interactive and non-linear, mobile and multi-device

Across the broadcast, entertainment and publishing industries, digital and mobile have changed the rules. With new fast-moving players launching every day, every media company needs to rethink audience engagement.

Atos is at the forefront of this new digital media landscape.  We are helping media companies exploit interactive TV, redefine media asset management and monetization, span the worlds of broadcast, multi-screen and social media.

Delivering new experiences for connected audiences needs more than great ideas.

It demands the industrial digital tooling needed to manage production for multiple use over multiple platforms.  It demands agile analytics, reliable interactivity platforms and flexible payment engines.

As the official IT partner to the Olympic Games, Atos is ready to share its experience of managing all things digital at the world’s largest and most demanding media event.

Supporting a connected worldwide Olympic audience of 4.8 billion

Why choose Atos for connected audience development?

Atos combines deep experience of the media sector with mastery of digital transformation for connected audiences.

Whether you are seeking to review digital audience strategy, pilot new ideas, or transition to new virtual delivery platforms, we are ready with expertise and fast-track adoption models.

Tangible Experience

We are ready to demonstrate an extended portfolio of innovative digital services for connected audiences.

Atos codex analytics

Intelligent Analytics

Realtime analytics  allow you to profile audience behavior and adapt content.

Fast-Track Adoption

Cloud delivery and use-case templates allow you to trial and implement new ideas rapidly.

Monetization and management

We have the tools and services you need to manage content creatively and profitably over every channel.

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