Decarbonizing Healthcare and Life Sciences


Healthcare makes up 4.4% of global greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions each year

Source: Healthcare Without Harm


Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year, from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and heat stress alone.

Source: World Health Organization


While digital technologies account for around 1.4% of global carbon emissions, they can also reduce global emissions by around 15% by 2030

Source: World Economic Forum

Consultancy and digital solutions

Human health is profoundly impacted by the climate emergency with Healthcare and Life Sciences having the leading roles in the reaction to this. Climate action is urgent and digital technology needs to be leveraged to achieve decarbonization targets. It is our collective responsibility to deliver on decarbonization ambitions to enable a sustainable future for our environment and people.

A pioneer in decarbonization services and products, Atos helps healthcare & life sciences organizations to drive experience and outcomes for patients through digital channels, putting the patients at the heart of managing their own care as well as driving net-zero. Atos has strengthened its decarbonized digital solution portfolio and expertise with highly specialized skills from EcoAct, an internationally recognized climate strategy consulting firm which is part of the Atos group. Read  press release.

  Innovative approaches toward net-zero

New focus beyond IT

Determine strategy

Measurement & SBT ambition setting
Risk & opportunity analysis
Data Management Assessments
Atos Carbon Reduction and Feasibility Tool (CRaFT©)

Decarbonized focus on IT

Reduce IT footprint

Utilizing HPC, IoT, Edge & Quantum Computing
Sustainable Cloud Computing
Intelligent Collaboration
Decarbonization Level Agreements (DLA)

Net-zero industry focus

Reduce business impact

Pharma Digital Twins
Smart Hospitals
Virtual Care & Remote Monitoring
Smart Clinical Trials
Predictive Maintenance
Sustainable Supply Chain
Net-zero Digital Manufacturing

Residuals addressed


Offsetting residual emissions
Project Development
Nature-based solutions

  Atos solutions to net-zero for healthcare & life sciences

Tackle climate challenges to deliver differentiation in population wellbeing


We offer business advisory to help you begin and enhance your net-zero journey. We help you map out a clear strategy to gain reputational and competitive advantage in delivering quality healthcare to improve wellbeing through tackling climate change.

Accelerate your journey to net-zero digital emissions in healthcare & life sciences


We offer digital green advisory and platforms to help you progress toward net-zero digital emissions for your digital estate. Our Decarbonization Level Agreements (DLAs) are our contractual commitment to deliver reductions to your digital footprint.

Tackle climate challenges to deliver valuable change



Carbon offsetting projects can help organizations to take responsibility for their existing emissions while working to reduce them. Your offsetting initiatives can tackle climate change, counteract deforestation and deliver equitable sustainable development.

Sustainable Healthcare

When sustainability becomes a success factor in healthcare, realizing sustainability from a clinical, operational, and business perspective becomes value-based care. Read about how Atos is helping healthcare providers carry out the collective responsibility of caring for patients, employees and the environment.

Energy efficient computing for Life Sciences R&D

We offer life sciences organizations greener High Performance Computing (HPC) harmonizing performance & energy consumption. In addition, our Healthcare & Life Sciences Centre of Excellence, located at the Wellcome Genome Campus, home to some of the world’s foremost institutes in genomics and computational biology. is an initiative to bring leading edge technologies closer to life sciences projects with the goal of discovering fresh, innovative solutions.

Customers and partners


Setting a Science-based target and an emission reduction strategy for the pharmaceutical group Servier

Read the customer story

Customers and partners

Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre, a pharmaceutical and dermocosmetics group, chooses Atos OneCloud to support its ambitions in digital transformation, cybersecurity and decarbonization

Read the press release

Customers and partners


Atos and NVIDIA to Advance Climate and Healthcare Research With Exascale Computing

Read more >
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Net-zero insights for healthcare and life sciences

The Climate Reporting and Performance of the DOW30, EURO STOXX50 and FTSE100

Welcome to the 11th edition of the annual Climate Reporting and Performance Research, a study that examines how some of the largest companies in the world are acting and reporting on climate change.

Find out how biopharmaceutical companies are defining their path to net-zero and the progress they have made so far.

Download now



Climate change is both a threat and an opportunity for already overstretched healthcare systems. By adopting a holistic and responsible approach to health management, by reducing emissions, and protecting individuals’ health before they even need care, the whole of society will benefit.



Listen to how net-zero initiatives are crucial for the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry and how they can help align your organization with the regulations and the changing investor and customer preferences.



Read how decarbonizing your digital with technology and careful planning can reduce your carbon footprint and help possibly avoid the next healthcare crisis.



The Digital Future of Healthcare – technology has now advanced to a level where healthcare organizations can do things smarter and faster than ever before. The benefits are considerable, as are the challenges, but digital transformation is not the only answer.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences Offerings

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Thought leadership

Read our global opinion paper Digital Vision: COP26 – Accelerating to net-zero and beyond, and follow the Atos Journey thought leadership report, our vision for the evolving world of Business, Society and Technology, and the case studies on digitally-enabled precision healthcare.

Atos Scaler startup accelerator

Circular Computing – Offers carbon neutral remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops, creating a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to buy enterprise grade IT

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