Higher efficiency, lower costs and effective healthcare for CIZ – Case Study

DevOps and Scrum at the basis of successful implementation national CIZ indication system.

Over 25,000 suppliers of health care services consider it self-evident that they are able to apply for 1 million indications at the Dutch Centre of Healthcare Indications (CIZ) every year. This amounts up to a total sum of 27 billion euro.

CIZ gives an indication or estimates if these claims for AWBZ care have legitimacy. With an indication of CIZ citizens know which healthcare services they are entitled to and in which form these will be offered to them.

The system that facilitated these processes in the past reached the end of its lifecycle in 2013. In order to be prepared sufficiently for all the upcoming changes CIZ focused its information strategy on the implementation of flexibility and scalability as well as on making its key systems and IT infrastructure future proof.

In order to realize this, CIZ has developed the new IT system Portero in cooperation with Atos, replacing the old system dating from 1994. On 25. November 2013 Atos delivered a completely new information system for the evaluation of application for ABWZ health care services. Atos was responsible for the design, development and the testing of all applications. Moreover, it built an OTAP environment and supported the migration of data from 17 databases to one new uniform system.

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Higher efficiency, lower costs and effective healthcare for CIZ – Case Study

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