Airbus Defence and Space (former Cassidian) – Comprehensive PLM in Aerospace – Case Study

For Cassidian*, the adoption and continual refinement of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has become integral to their manufacturing culture

As a division of EADS*, Cassidian* is one of three collaborating partners producing the Eurofighter. Every aircraft produced by the consortium is a ‘custom build’: each commissioning country, for example, has different special requirements. Cassidian’s responsibility does not finish with production: the history of every Eurofighter must be tracked through to decommissioning.

The complexities of Eurofighter manufacture and ongoing service have made the quality and integration of production data critical from the start. For this reason, Cassidian put Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) at the top of their systems agenda in 1996, at the very beginning of their project participation.

Cassidian knew that the adoption of PLM was not just about taking a new suite of applications on board. They understood that adoption would lead to fundamental changes in behavior, and for this reason were keen to engage with specialists who understood not just the technologies, but who also knew how to help manage the changes which would accompany them.

Atos has been Cassidian’s PLM partner since the start, and has provided a range of consultancy, development, integration and support services.

*Cassidian and EADS are now part of Airbus Defence and Space.

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Comprehensive PLM in Aerospace – Case Study

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