Progress process and personality approaches for effective change for A1 – Case Study

 In 2010, Telekom Austria and Mobilkom Austria combined their resources, going to market in 2011 with A1 – a new company and a new brand.

Keeping things simple is at the core of the A1 brand and philosophy. When customers have more choice than ever before, simplicity becomes a winning virtue. A1 offers clear propositions with absolute contract and cost transparency, making it easy for customers to evaluate and select the offers which suit them best.

Achieving simplicity, however, is often one of the toughest and most complex challenges facing any business. For A1, this was certainly the case when establishing the new company. When the two companies came together, both had a complete range of established business processes and the tools needed to execute them. Both companies also ran on SAP.

The work to date has established a consolidated set of SAP-enabled processes and systems for A1. This project has given A1 and Atos the opportunity to forge a deep professional partnership which capitalizes on Atos’ strong local presence and easy access to additional international resources as required.

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Progress process and personality approaches for effective change for A1 – Case Study

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