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Modernizing retail credit at the POS

Industry: Financial Services
Region: United States

Modernized credit application at retailer POS offers immediate approvals


A major retailer needed a banking partner to drive POS credit activity to better engage customers both inside and outside the store. Using a strategy to promote and qualify shoppers for a proprietary credit card, Maven Wave (an Atos company) integrated the banking and retail giants into a seamless user experience.

The challenge


To capture maximum dollars per transaction, today’s retailers are compelled to diversify how consumers can complete their shopping purchases. Whether the seller incorporates credit options, online e-commerce sites, catalogs or other purchase variations, it is a given that the more ways a shopper can conveniently and quickly buy what they want, the more revenue the seller can generate. A major banking institution was tapped to partner with a leading retailer to modernize its POS (point of sale) credit application capabilities, a plan that required subject matter experts to bring the two entities together for the best POS user experience.

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The solution


This retailer needed to provide its customers with a variety of digital solutions for applying for credit (phone, tablet, self-serve checkout, and POS). Its banking partner did not yet have a POS credit channel to offer in its modernized platform. Accordingly, the bank required an expert collaborator to create a smooth credit application to integrate into the retailer’s high-end POS system.

Business benefit


Building a POS credit application made use of technologies like secure two-way communications through an integrated API; Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) hosting on the cloud; and improved delivery of disclosures in-store.

The systemic and financial benefits were immediate and substantial:

  • The new POS application system went live with zero defects
  • The automated credit application channel increased credit applications and booking volume, exceeding both parties’ expectations.

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