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Consumer trust will be even more paramount in the new digital normal. Fraud management is going to require a multidisciplinary approach and a broad range of possible solutions, such as digital identity, traceability, digital currencies, AI-ML, Blockchain and other DLTs, biometrics, etc.

In order to ensure business continuity and protect your data and your operations, Atos is Future Ready to support you with solutions that can be implemented quickly and securely:

  • Protect your devices – Endpoint protection
  • Secure access to all your applications – Web SSO
  • Protect remote access to sensitive data – VPN
  • Get full visibility on data sharing and shadow IT – CASB.

Our experts are available for 100% remote setup implementation and configuration of the solutions.

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increase of phishing attacks since the beginning of the year

 (source: Google)

Key challenges due to COVID-19



Over the last few weeks, home office has become the norm and a critical challenge for organizations.
Mobile threats, ransomware and phishing attacks are an increasing risk for organizations’ sensitive data.
Let us help you protect your remote workers in this unprecedented situation.

your devices

The lack of company’s issued laptops and phone increased the BYOD practice for remote workers. Devices are often lacking basic security features but requiring access to business’ applications.

Secure access to all applications

Access to applications needs to be protected and audited regardless of how and where accessed by remote workforce. Critical applications require high availability to support increased load during crisis.

Remote access to sensitive data

Sensitive data needs to be secured and protected during communications via remote access with employees now working from home.

Data sharing
and Shadow IT

As employees use their own systems and apps from home, increased sharing of documents via methods unapproved by the corporate security policy (dropbox, whatsapp, etc).




Protect your devices

Endpoint protection with Crowdstrike

Burst Licensing

Burst Licensing Program – Available at NO COST from 3/16/2020 – 5/16/2020.

For corporate-owned devices, CrowdStrike is introducing a Burst Licensing program. This program is designed to help customers alleviate the concerns associated with licensing a surging number of new systems being deployed for use by remote workers. This program is particularly vital because these systems may only be needed for a short period of time.

 Enables rapid deployment of new systems without being hindered by the customer’s existing license count.
 Extends the existing product suite across corporate-owned devices by 10% or up to 10,000 systems (whichever is less).
 Available to all current CrowdStrike customers during the program period.

Falcon Prevent for Home Use

Falcon PreventTM for Home Use – Available at NO COST from 3/20/2020 – 5/16/2020.
For employee-owned devices, CrowdStrike is introducing a new solution along with an initial no-cost program: Falcon Prevent for Home Use. This home use program provides existing CrowdStrike customers with an option to secure their employees’ home Windows devices, leveraging CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon platform and lightweight agent. Falcon Prevent for Home Use ensures employees who use a home system to access corporate resources can do so safely and productively.
To help our customers ensure a secure environment for their home users over the near term, CrowdStrike is making Falcon Prevent for Home Use available at no additional cost to all customers for a specified period of time.

Ensures our customers have a low-cost option for securing their employees’ home PCs without impacting work performance.
Special program provides endpoint protection for up to 50,000 employee-owned Windows PCs.
Available to all current CrowdStrike customers during the program period.
▶ After May 16th, customers will have the option to continue using Falcon Prevent for Home Use to protect their employee’s personally owned devices. Pricing will be approved and communicated when the product goes GA.

Product information

 More information about Crowdstrike >>



Remote access to sensitive data

Secure remote access with Palo Alto SASE

VPN cloud service

Users connect via VPN using a new agent on an outsourced Prisma environment managed by Atos.

 Reduce on-prem bandwidth weighing on the existing network infrastructures of the company by deporting the security and access functions in a third-party service

▶ Reduce internet costs

Consistent networking and security for remote workers

Remote users are protected at the exact same level as if they were indoors. The company’s security policy is applied on mobile workstations, even if they are disconnected from the organization’s infrastructure. These workstations should not be more vulnerable while directly exposed in the Internet.

With Palo Alto and Atos, they will benefit from the same controls and protections as before.

 Reduce the risk of endpoint compromission.

Product information

More information about Palo Alto >>

Secure access to applications

Evidian Web Access Manager

Expose securely business applications to remote users

Access securely your company applications from home. In this context most users have to work from home and the organization must carefully control who has access to what, even considering BYOD and non-managed devices.

 Evidian Web Access Manager secures the access to applications from anywhere and on any device with strong authentication via a Web portal.

Replace physical tokens with MFA

In this crisis period, carrying around physical tokens, replacing them or giving new ones to remote workers can be complicated.

With Evidian Web Access Manager, users can authenticate with software tokens such as soft-OTP generated which can be communicated to the user via SMS, email, Grid card or Qrentry.


Product information



Data sharing and Shadow IT

CASB solution

Shadow IT

In this period, employees may adopt riskier behaviors through the use of Cloud based services that have not been approved by the CISO. Examples such as online file conversion of .docx to .pdf or document sharing through online file sharing platforms.

The Atos CASB service assess Cloud risks of these services and can restrict or automatically block the usage of cloud services.


Sanctioned Cloud

It is critical to be able to detect threats from compromised accounts, insiders, BYOD and privileged users even where those users are working remotely from home.

▶ The Atos CASB service enables you to capture an audit trail of all user cloud service usage activity. Enforce data loss prevention policies on data shared within cloud services or stored in the cloud with real time protection.


Collaboration SaaS

The adoption of collaboration solutions such as Microsoft Teams to remain connected with customer and projects brings its own challenges related data leakage and the inadvertent sharing of sensitive data.

▶ The Atos CASB services helps ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies by enforcing data loss prevention rules across your collaboration platform.


Product information

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