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Responsible for business development in the public sector, healthcare and wellbeing

Willem Beelen has been working in the ICT sector for over 30 years and has an extensive network within the public sector. Using this knowledge and experience, Willem is responsible for business development in the public sector, healthcare and wellbeing. His work consists of relation management, co-writing and reviewing (Best Value Procurement) public tenders, using ICT as an enabler and making use of the collective international knowledge, experience and expertise of Atos employees. In addition to his role at Atos, Willem is the editor in chief of the magazine GOV, a key magazine in his field.

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Articles posted by Willem Beelen

A digital vision for government

Digital transformation is a top priority for businesses right across the private sector and now governments too are facing the challenge of responding to increasing digital demands from citizens.     Governments across Europe are making a statement and putting their best digital foot forward. For example, Denmark launched an eGovernment strategy with the aim of accelerating the use of ICT and…