About Wade Price

SAP Solution Architect

With 25+ years of experience in implementing, developing, and maintaining ERP solutions, Wade is a valuable asset to any IT systems implementation project. Wade has participated in IT projects in every aspect; as a user, as an implementation consultant, as a project manager, and as a practice manager. In April 2012, Wade was moved into the role of SAP Solution Architect. In July of 2012, he was given the responsibility of leading Atos' North American efforts for developing HANA within the North American SAP Practice. He is viewed as an expert by his peers in regards to HANA and its impact to SAP customers and potential clients. In this role, Wade has lead Atos efforts to determine the path forward for HANA, from both an “on premise” approach and a Cloud strategy.

Articles posted by Wade Price

How to simplify IT complexity to enable innovation

It’s a common complaint, especially among the older generations, that the world is becoming steadily more complex. On the surface, it would seem true with the exponential growth of data being generated, the continual demand for smartphone applications and the increasingly sophisticated development of IT systems. All this means that life both in work or at home can…