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Information Security Consultant and member of the Scientific Community

Till Kolloge works as an Information Security Consultant for the German Security Practice and is currently based in Munich. Within recent years he supported various Fortune 500 companies in improving their Information Security Management System and raising information security awareness. Being a member of the Atos Scientific Community since 2013, Till is continuously working on the relationship between business and IT as well as supporting a holistic security approach within Atos. Prior to Atos, Till worked as a consultant for the former Siemens IT division SIS and as a sales representative for various clients in Australia.

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Are your digital IDs secure?

While we are all individual people, we have multiple identities depending on the situations we find ourselves in. We present different images of ourselves to our family, friends, colleagues, bosses, the barista in the local coffee shop, and so on. We do the same in the digital world and so identification and authentication are needed to create trust in any online transaction.…

Did you bring the right identity?

200.000 accredited passes ensure access to the right venues Who hasn’t had the impression that the silver-haired gentleman in front of you does not quite look like the athletic young man smiling at you from his pass? What you are doing instinctively – verifying, whether he is who he claims to be – is one of the many tasks of the…