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Research Engineer, Atos Quantum Lab

Dr. Thomas Ayral obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Ecole Polytechnique and CEA Saclay in 2015. During his Phd and subsequent postdoctoral appointment at Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA), he developed new algorithmic and computational approaches to the fermionic many-body problem and strongly-correlated materials. He is now a Research Engineer in the Atos Quantum lab in the Paris area, where he works on physical models for quantum hardware, numerical simulation methods for noisy quantum systems as well as applications of quantum computing.

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Articles posted by Thomas Ayral

Looking under the quantum hood: Why hardware-oriented quantum software engineering matters

Whether quantum technology will fulfill its speedup promises hinges on how well “textbook” quantum algorithms will be adapted to and optimized for imperfect physical quantum devices thanks to specific hardware models and simulations. Will high-performance computing systems ever get quantum? The stakes behind this question are high: in theory, quantum computers could…