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Chief Digital Officer Manufacturing, Retail, Transport - Global Head Automotive, High-Tech & Engineering

Thilo Stieber is responsible at Atos for the Manufacturing, Retail and Transport markets in APAC, in addition to his global market responsibility for Portfolio & Innovation. In his roles he supports companies in improving & transforming their business from a product to a more customer centric approach by using new digital technologies like Cloud, Big Data & advanced analytics, Internet of Things and mobility. Prior to this Thilo Stieber held a range of global management roles with a strong focus on developing new innovative business strategies & solutions. His expertise is based on serving for many years European & US manufacturing companies globally in the area of Supply-Chain Management and Production. During his career he built up strong international business skills by working many years abroad throughout Europe, US, South America and Asia.

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As digital technology ushers in a fourth industrial revolution, what does it mean for the workforce? Will we all be working with robots? Smart manufacturing is being dubbed ‘the fourth industrial revolution’, or Industry 4.0. Why? Because it will transform the way manufacturing is structured and the jobs that make it happen. Picture the assembly floor of a car factory staffed entirely by machines. And picture again…