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Vice President and Global Market Leader for Transportation and Hospitality

With over 20 years working with clients in the road, rail, aviation, logistics, automotive and hospitality markets, Theo Quick is VP and Global Market Leader for Transportation and Hospitality where he is responsible for defining the strategy and driving Digital Transformation for the customers of Atos. Theo has always been at the forefront of technology, transforming the market. For example, in 2013, Theo launched the Intelligent Mobility Technology Roadmap for the UK’s Automotive Council, a joint Government and industry body. This roadmap paved the way for the UK Government’s investment into Autonomous Vehicles and Theo remains on a number of Advisory boards for some of the UK’s Autonomous Vehicle projects to this day. Theo believes that the transportation market is now experiencing the most change since the invention of the petroleum engine. Advances in communications, data availability and ICT capabilities are all enabling new business processes and models.

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