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Director of Digital Innovation and Strategy and member of the Scientific Community

Sven Paproth is the Director of Digital Innovation and Strategy for Atos North America’s Digital Transformation Office. Paproth is an experienced digital native with knowledge in the digital transformation and digital business innovation fields. He also serves as a member of the Atos Scientific Community, a global network comprised of 150 of the top scientists, engineers and forward thinkers from across the Group. As a Scientific Community member, he researches the impact of spatial computing and human machine interfaces on digitization.

Paproth focuses on best practice strategy for the digital transformation of large enterprises, developing and implementing new business models. He is a subject-matter expert for customers’ business technology innovation workshops and open campus innovation strategies. His expertise includes Internet of Things, blockchain, digital reality, human machine interfaces, drones, and additive manufacturing. Paproth solves cross-industry business challenges using innovative new technologies, while mindful of enhancing value and creating new revenue streams for customers.

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Articles posted by Sven Paproth

Spatial computing applied to enrich the understanding of autonomous cars

A futuristic holographic experience for consumers and engineers House-hold automotive brand names are that of Lexus, Toyota and BMW. But soon consumers will begin to see different automotive brand names as cars become more digital and autonomous. Since cars are transforming into highly capable computers that rely on software, just as much as they rely…