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Global Talent Manager

Sven has joined Atos in 2001 and is currently Deal Solution Manager in Belgium. His expertise ranges from Development and Technical Design, over Functional Analysis and Consultancy to Team Leading, Project Management and Service Delivery Management. He has a particular knowledge of ERP, ECM and CRM and Sustainbality Solutions and related Business Processes. Sven is also a proud member of the Atos Juniors Group, an international, cross-functional network of young talents participating in a dedicated curriculum and exciting projects that contribute to Atos' global business performance.

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Articles posted by Sven Geerts

Achieving Work-life Balance Using a Smart Dashboard

A “Smart Dashboard” to improve both my efficiency at work and my work-life balance Each and every one of us is “connected” in their day-to-day life, connected to our mailbox, connected to social media. We sometimes forget our business is working with people, but we always remember that it’s supported by software applications. Many different applications support my…