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Associate Head of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Unit. Atos Research and Innovation

Orlando Avila García, PhD, has a degree in Computer/Informatics Engineering (Universidad de La Laguna, Spain) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence (University of Hertfordshire, UK). He joined Atos in 2017 as a senior software architect. Currently, he is the Associate Head of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics unit in ARI (Atos Research and Innovation), working on topics such as adaptive systems, autonomous systems, cognitive robotics, development and epigenetic robotics, robotic systems development and Artificial Intelligence (AI) & robot safety. He has more than 10 years’ experience as a project manager (CMMI-DEV) and enterprise architect (TOGAF 9.1 Certified) in industrial R&D and innovation projects. His focus has been on intelligent automation, automated decision-making and adaptive behaviour in domains such as core banking systems engineering, online advertising, online fraud prevention, intelligent agents and robotics. He has published in Artificial Intelligence (IBERAMIA, ECAL, IROS, SAB) and Model-Driven Engineering (JISBD, ICMT) conferences. He co-founded and organizes WAISE (International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety Engineering) since 2018, and currently belongs to the programme committee of related AI safety workshops SafeAI and AISafety.

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