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Vice President, Integrated Solutions Delivery, Value-Based Care and Population health, and member of the Scientific Community and member of the Scientific Community

Mary Sirois is responsible for developing and delivering consulting services related to value-based care (VBC) and population health to improve care quality, reduce care costs and engage consumers. She is also responsible for looking across Atos’ technology portfolio to incorporate population health and VBC opportunities and solutions. Sirois also serves as a member of the Atos Scientific Community, a global network comprised of 150 of the top scientists, engineers and forward thinkers from across the Group.

Through Sirois’ role at Atos North America combined with her experience as a physical therapist, she has more than 25 years of healthcare experience in operational and strategic planning for both health care delivery systems and innovative care environments. Specifically, her experiences spans leadership in organizational governance and change management, regulatory compliance readiness, strategic and operational planning, and budget development to transform and improve quality across the continuum of care.

Sirois has served in numerous consulting leadership positions ranging from HIPAA to clinical informatics and transformation to population health management. She has held leadership positions at Healthlink, Divurgent, Medecision and Pursuit Healthcare Advisors, as well as served as Vice President of Clinical Transformation at Baylor Health Care System. She is focused on using her experience to help organizations leverage their digital technologies and competencies to create new business models to improve care quality, reduce costs and engage the patient.

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