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Chief Architect - Financial Services

John has worked in IT for nearly 30 years and specialises in looking at things from an application portfolio perspective. He started his career developing large scale monitoring and control systems for the utility industries before moving into architecture roles in the financial services industry and for public sector. John has held a variety of lead architect and design authority roles in which he has been setting strategy, optimising application portfolios and establishing solution governance. Recently he has concentrated on digital solutions for financial services covering the use of hybrid cloud, robotic process automation, compliance and digital customer experience.

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Articles posted by John Davenport

Hybrid businesses must move to a multi-cloud platform

Organizations are becoming mashups Almost every organization delivers its mission by using a mixture of in-house capabilities and external elements. Increasingly these external elements are consumed as services and the balance between in-house and external is tipping more and more towards the latter with organizations focusing mostly on their core differentiators. It is no longer obligatory to…

Cloud Application Services - A new IT currency

An IT department’s life is more complex than it used to be. Not so very long ago life was more straight-forward. Applications that were not developed in-house were bought outright from vendors. They were run on platforms controlled by the organisation, either directly or via a hosting arrangement. External services were only utilised in a very limited fashion whilst…