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Head of the Center of Excellence DevOps at Atos

Jeroen is head of the Center of Excellence DevOps at Atos. With a background in software engineering, he has over 20 years’ experience in IT where he held different roles. Jeroen is passionate for continuous software delivery improvement, such as through craftsmanship, team approach, methodologies and business collaboration and alignment. With a strong and proven experience in these domains with multiple teams and clients, Jeroen launched the DevOps movement within Atos over 5 years ago. This then led to a well-defined Journey approach, the creation of the Atos DevOps Academy, a proven approach for building high performing teams, Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration pipeline blueprints and much more.

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Enabling DevOps organizations

Why would you go to a retail company to buy a product, take it home and carry it all the way up to the multiple floors of your house or flat, when you can buy the same product online and get it delivered and installed where you want it, within 24 hours or even hours in some cities? Why not take the opportunity to buy…