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Security Operations Engineer and Security Operations Centre Analyst, Cyber Security, Atos UK&I

Jenny Lam is a Cyber Security Operations Engineer currently involved in the maintenance and enhancement of live security devices protecting customer infrastructure. She started her career at Atos on the graduate scheme in 2015, where she joined the UK Security Operations Centre to provide security monitoring, investigation and incident response as part of a 24x7 team. Prior to joining Atos, Jenny was a student at Lancaster University where she graduated with a First-class integrated master’s degree. She spent time there working with small and medium cyber security enterprises closely in conjunction with Security Lancaster, a NCSC recognised Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research.

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Articles posted by Jenny Lam

The changing role of a Security Operations Centre analyst

As the world transforms into a virtual forest of information, organisations are finding that cyber security has become ingrained into its roots; investing in digital defences has become an essential common practice. Being a Security Operation Centre analyst is being on the front line of an organisation’s fortress; they are the staff who protect the perimeter,…