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Global Director Transformation & Transition

Jean-Marc Djian started as a R&D telecom engineer and continued as Busines Unit Director of different networks departements within IBM. Later on he has been developing IT portfolio for all different industries. In 2008, he joins with at the Sales & Markets France organization runing a business unit of 450 employees, among the most profitable of Systems Integration France. He becomes Business Development Director for the ECM key offerings (Enterprise Content Management) and TAM (Test and Acceptance Management). Over the period 2008-2009, the revenue for ECM scored 80% growth to 31 M€, and the revenue for TAM scored in 26% growth to 52 m €. In 2010, he was appointed as Global Key Offerings Director at Atos Group Innovation and Business Strategy and developed an ECM business plan, deploying it worlwide. He is one of the inventors of the Zero email initiative at Atos.

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