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Business Development Engineer & AM Specialist

Javier works in business development activities in Atos Engineering. He pursues the merging of advanced product engineering services and digital solutions. For 6 years he worked as a stress engineer in the development and calculations of different aircraft & satellites structures, such as Airbus A350-XWB, being his domains non-linear analysis, Finite Element Modeling and Fatigue & Damage Tolerance analysis. Since 2015, he also works in R&D for Additive Manufacturing, especially related to novelty metal-3D-printed products for aerospace. Javier has pushed the offering of Additive Manufacturing in Atos and helps its clients in the embracement and application of this technology. He has an MsC in Mechanical Engineering and he loves to paint, innovate and work out creative business solutions. As Atos Engineering is always looking for top-level engineering services, he is currently linking the Data Analytics portfolio of Atos with its Engineering services.

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