About Isa Kahraman

Vice President Dutch Defence Market

Isa has joined Atos in 2016 and has been responsible for the Dutch Defense Market since 2017. He started his career with the largest IT supplier in The Netherlands. Before joining Atos, Isa was Sales and Marketing Director with a cloud company in The Netherlands. From 2006 until March 2018 he was a Member of the Municipality Council and Chairman of his political party. When he retired from the Municipality Council, he received the Royal decoration of Member of the Order of Oranje Nassau. Isa graduated from the Nyenrode Business University, and holds a Master Degree in Management.

Articles posted by Isa Kahraman

Talent: The next major battle for the Armed Forces

The political and social situation across the world is changing, the Armed Forces need new (highly) skilled people to be able to fulfil their tasks, especially in technology. During previous decades, when the world was relatively stable, Armed Forces around the globe decreased their workforces, forced to do so as politicians lowered defense budgets with the…