About Ioannis Kolaxis

Software Architect, Atos Distinguished Expert

Ioannis Kolaxis is a Software Architect, building Next Generation 911/112 software solutions that empower emergency services to save lives. He has been previously developing software for the banking industry in IBM and the telecommunications sector in SIEMENS.

He enjoys sharing his experience with the software development community, speaking at international conferences, such as Oracle Code One 2019.

He was awarded by Atos the title of “Distinguished Expert” as a recognition of his technical expertise & professional accomplishments. He is an inventor, having filed several patents & having won the 1st prize award at Atos Innovation Week 2020 for coming up with the most innovative idea. He is passionate about new technologies and likes to share his thoughts on his blog & YouTube channel about how technology can transform our lives. Follow him on Twitter to be updated about his work.

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Articles posted by Ioannis Kolaxis

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